TCB Transportation was formed twenty years ago with the purpose of treating all of our customers with the kind of service and dedication they deserve. Regardless of your company's size, we will handle and service your freight from pickup to delivery with daily tracing reports. We will tailor these reports to your needs, including the information necessary to keep you updated on your shipments ETA and current location. Behind your daily tracing reports is a dispatch assigned to your account. This dispatch will handle all of your loads for the entirety of your time with us and will always be available to answer your questions or concerns. We also take pride in rarely billing for accessorials so there are no hidden costs.

Services provided by TCB


We are committed to being as eco-friendly as possible at TCB. A typical freight train is approximately four times more fuel-efficient than an over the road tractor trailer, and can carry the cargo of 280 trucks. By converting your freight business from truck to train, you will be taking hundreds of trucks off the road each year. The end result is a reduction in your company's carbon footprint.

Intermodal Savings
Saving money on your transportation expenses is a great way to increase profit margins. Shipping freight via rail is an excellent way to cut shipping costs. Almost any lane 600 miles or more can be moved intermodal. Transit times have also greatly decreased. Our service times have become extremely competitive with over road drivers, and in many lanes, we can deliver just as quickly. In our preferred lanes, TCB can beat dry van or flatbed costs by more than 50%. Rail is not affected by adverse weather conditions either. Give us the chance to prove that shipping via rail is the best way to go.
Still concerned?
There are nearly 140,000 miles of rail track in the US. Nearly 221,000 jobs are provided by the railroad, as well as many public benefits including reductions in road congestion, highway fatalities, and fuel consumptions. Because of the savings we provide, Intermodal transportation is booming, and TCB in particular handles over 10,000 Intermodal shipments annually. Join our commitment to a greener, brighter future. Trust TCB to move your freight.

Flexitank Systems

WHAT IS Flexitank?

Flexitank systems transform a standard shipping container into a non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation system.

Designed and manufactured by an expert team of engineers, our Flexitanks are is the most advanced and reliable solution available for transporting bulk liquids, helping you to lower both logistics cost and environmental impact.


  • Available in capacities of 10 000 litres (2641 US gallons) to 24 000 litres (6340 US gallons)*
  • Can represent more than double the capacity of pre-packaged cargo
  • Bottom discharge flexitank ensures safer, quicker and more e­ffective loading/unloading of product, minimizing wastage and residue left after discharge
  • All polyethylene materials are fully recyclable
  • Made from opaque material which allows constant visibility and monitoring of the product during loading and discharge
  • Allows for product sampling
  • Two-piece steel bulkhead system which provides additional operational safety and reliability

Minimum volume: 10,000 litres (2,641 US gallons)
Maximum volume: 24,000 litres (6,340 US gallons) if the specific gravity < 1
Load capacity tolerance: ± 500 litres (against rated capacity)*
Flexitank material: Linear low density polyethylene. Single layer.
Low temperature of product at loading: 0ºC
High temperature of product at loading: +60ºC
Maximum load flow rate: 1,000 litres per minute

*If using a 24,000 litre tank restricted to a minimum of under-loading of -500 litres and a maximum capacity tolerance of +100 litres.

  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils
  • Beverages
  • Commodity chemicals
  • Food additives
  • Mineral oils and fuels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty chemicals



General Purpose 20' x 8' x 8'6"

Millimetres Feet
Internal Dimensions Length 5,898
Width 2,352 7'8.6"
Height 2,391
Door Opening Width 2,340 7'8"
Height 2,280 7'5.8"
  Kilograms Pounds
Weight Max Gross 24,000 / 30,480 52,910 / 67,200
Tare 2,280 / 2,280
5,030 / 5,030
Max Payload 21,720 / 28,200
47,880 / 62,170
  Cube Metres Cube Feet
Internal Capacity 33.2

General Purpose ​40' x 8' x 8'6"

Millimetres Feet
Internal Dimensions Length 12,024 39'5.7"
Width 2,352 7'8.5"
Height 2,390
Door Opening Width 2,340 7'8"
Height 2,280 7'5.8"
  Kilograms Pounds
Weight Max Gross 30,480 70,040
Tare 3,830
Max Payload 26,650
  Cube Metres Cube Feet
Internal Capacity 67.7 2,390